Best affordable Bay Area work spaces for entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that the Bay Area is a mecca for startups. Hundreds of ideas have been born, funded, and launched from the Silicon Valley all the way up to San Francisco, and quite a few have found success…

WeWork Lab’s hip SF pre-incubator space opens its doors

A new type of office space for tech startup-hopefuls is opening its doors in San Francisco today. Falling somewhere between a co-working space and a full startup incubator, WeWork Labs is a “pre-incubator” — or as we’ve taken to calling it at VentureBeat, a pincubator.

An alternative to incubators: the co-working space

If you’re a startup, you’ve probably considered joining an incubator. But residency can be competitive and the requirements stiff. TechStars and Y-Combinator are well-known incubators that offer funding, mentorship, and access to a community of venture capitalists and anointed digerati — but only for a select few. Applicants also have to provide detailed business plans and disclose development, operational, marketing, and sales activities to get into the club.

Workspace-finder LiquidSpace raises $3.6M

It looks investors are buying into LiquidSpace’s vision for connecting mobile workers with workspaces — the Palo Alto, Calif. startup just announced that it has raised $3.6 million in its first institutional round of funding.

How many co-working spaces does the world need?

As my co-founders and I investigated the idea of creating Founders Den, we frequently heard the questions: “What is the difference between an incubator, accelerator, and co-working space?” and “Is there a need for another one?”

LiquidSpace launches its workspace-finding mobile app

If you’re the kind of person who spends more time working at Starbucks than in your office (i.e., me), then you may be able to upgrade your work life with a new iPhone application called LiquidSpace.