Learning to code: How CareerFoundry’s program launches successful careers

In the U.S. today, the vast majority of young students pick up, put down, play with, watch, and interact with electronics all day long. Their smartphones are the core of their social lifestyle, and their computers are how they get their school work done. Their level of tech savviness may surprise you, however, their understanding of how technical programs actually work may only go so far.


Meet Binary, an iPad app for writing code

“Imagine I’m relaxing on the beach and get a notification saying the servers are down. I open up Binary, fix a couple lines of code, push the changes, and get back to playing with the dogs on the beach,” says creator Darshan Shankar.

Learn To Code Everything

Wanna learn to code? Here’s your chance

Our six different courses combine for hundreds of lectures and over 70 hours of curriculum on writing code for websites, iOS games and applications, Ruby on Rails, PS6, and more.

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Coderwall spices up resumes for coders with “geek cred”

Old-fashioned paper resumes are starting to disappear, and Coderwall has a plan to replace them. The startup creates resumes for coders and developers that show off how great they are at the jobs they already have. Using gamification, developers can earn badges for projects they accomplish and skills they’ve obtained, also know as “geek cred.”

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Codecademy raises $2.5M to make you a coding master

There’s something about Codecademy that made investors plunk down $2.5 million dollars today to help the Y Combinator startup teach more people to code online. Codecademy uses game mechanics to make JavaScript instruction fun and engaging for people who use its simple, clean online interface.