School out, tech in: Welcome to the future of education

What I’m here to say today is that education is being transformed by technology. The future is here, but educators and deans, the ones who hold the gauntlet, are choosing not to believe it.

Ivy Leaguers: Your credentials are worthless here

American companies are obsessed with hiring Harvard grads and Wharton MBAs. This is true of the tech industry, even extending into startups, driving entry-level top school CS bachelor’s degree grad salaries into the six figures in the Bay Area.


Meritful wants to be the LinkedIn of high school

Students are using Facebook and Twitter all the time, but for most, it’s hardly something they’d like future employers — or college admission counselors — to seem. That’s a problem that will soon be in the rear-view mirror, if new startup Meritful is successful.

Why you shouldn’t listen to Peter Thiel about dropping out of college

Attention high school graduates with dreams of becoming a doctor: That’s a bad idea. Instead, become a plumber. You’ll make more money. If you think that sounds crazy, that’s because it is. But that’s precisely the message from noted investor and Libertarian Peter Thiel, who sees education as a liability rather than an asset.

Unigo doubling traffic each month after relaunching as marketplace for virtual college guidance

In California, there is an average of one college counselor for every 1000 high school students in the public high school system. That means counselors can offer about ten minutes of their time per student each year. Unigo, which began with the goal of building the best online college guide, is moving into a new space, looking to solve the crunch in places like California with by offering virtual college counseling through streaming web video.

Reddit University

Reddit turns its attention to collegiate communities

While news-sharing site Reddit harbors many unique communities such as rage comic lovers, zombie aficionados, geeks and several others, its low on robust college communities — which is strange considering that a large percentage of Reddit’s total users are either students or recent graduates with lots of collegiate pride.

6 reasons why college is the best time to launch a start up

There’s been a lot of talk as of late regarding young entrepreneurs and the paths available to them; PayPal cofounder Peter Theil is going as far as to give 20 teams of entrepreneurs under 20 a two-year $100,000 fellowship on which to fund their next big ideas. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t that many investors out there to fund ideas from mostly unproven young adults, so it remains up to the entrepreneur to do it on their own.

Facebook: Hey, we used to be a site for college students

As Facebook broadens its user base, competing sites have tried to claim the student audience that was once the social network’s strength. But Facebook hasn’t forgotten the college crowd — witness today’s launch of a new page called Universities on Facebook.