Unigo doubling traffic each month after relaunching as marketplace for virtual college guidance

In California, there is an average of one college counselor for every 1000 high school students in the public high school system. That means counselors can offer about ten minutes of their time per student each year. Unigo, which began with the goal of building the best online college guide, is moving into a new space, looking to solve the crunch in places like California with by offering virtual college counseling through streaming web video.

6 reasons why college is the best time to launch a start up

There’s been a lot of talk as of late regarding young entrepreneurs and the paths available to them; PayPal cofounder Peter Theil is going as far as to give 20 teams of entrepreneurs under 20 a two-year $100,000 fellowship on which to fund their next big ideas. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t that many investors out there to fund ideas from mostly unproven young adults, so it remains up to the entrepreneur to do it on their own.