Facebook adds comment editing, angels sing

Your friend just posted a vague, self-interested status update about how you really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and the 150 word poignant comment you just posted has one typo in it. One. Facebook is officially catering to you with its new comment editing feature.

Disqus overhauls commenting system to improve quality of conversations

Five-year-old commenting platform Disqus is beginning the release of a dramatically overhauled version of its product today. The new edition aims to improve the quality of online conversations through speed enhancements, comment-voting capabilities, and personalized and community views.

Disqus CEO not worried about Facebook comment threat

Despite the clear competition from Facebook’s new commenting service, commenting company Disqus’s co-founder and CEO Daniel Ha says he is not concerned about Facebook’s foray into the field, according to PeHub.

Foursquare launches new Android app earlier than expected

Foursquare may have just released a new iPhone application on Monday, but the company isn’t done with the upgrades just yet. Cofounder and chief executive Dennis Crowley just tweeted that the Android version of the new app is now available, complete with the new comments and photos features.

Could MySpace’s new facelift win over Facebook users?

Popular social network MySpace today announced it has decided to give its profiles a face lift with a more simplistic format. The change comes as a result of user feedback that cited troubles navigating profiles and finding content, said a company spokesperson.

CollegeOnly just misses Scoop on college student social networks

The chances that two college-only social networks would launch in the same week seems pretty low. The chances that both networks would also be backed by big name investors seems even lower. But, that’s exactly what’s happened. Along with Scoop, a mobile app backed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, CollegeOnly launched today backed by PayPal founder Peter Thiel (who’s also on the board of Facebook).