PayPal's triangle

PayPal: how we’ll win in mobile commerce

It’s getting to be a tough market in mobile commerce. Google and Apple are both out with solutions that approach digital wallet status, upstart startups like Square are claiming merchant mindshare, and the original mobile payments company, PayPal, is having to forge a path from the desktop to the smartphone.

How retailers can fight the Amazon Goliath

How are Amazon’s sales growing so dramatically — 30 to 40 percent quarterly for the last umpteen quarters — when even the big retailers are struggling to grow 1 to 2 percent? In record time, Amazon has taken on the Goliaths of retail yesteryear with their massive resources, nationwide store footprints and well-known brands, and turned them into isolated Davids.

Dylan’s Desk: Facebook approaches a billion customers

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IBM takes a stab at smarter commerce

IBM is announcing a “smarter commerce” initiative today to make it easier to figure out what consumers really want and then get vendors to give it to them. If it works, IBM will be able to attack a $70 billion market.