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Get your game on with the Mac Gamer Bundle [VB Store]

In our latest VB Store offer, we’ve assembled some of the best games out there, so next time you need to do some unwinding you’ll have 6 great Mac games to choose from!

THQ’s loss will likely be social and mobile gaming’s gain

THQ laid off more than 200 employees today as it tried to realign its workforce in light of disappointing sales of its most recent games. That kind of strategic retreat will likely convince more game developers to refocus on making social and mobile games instead of more traditional games.

Company of Heroes returns as free-to-play online game in U.S.

Company of Heroes was one of the best real-time strategy games on the PC when it debuted back in 2006. Now the World War II game is returning as an online game with a brand new business model for the U.S. market.