Google finally settles its two-year EU inquisition

Google has proposed a settlement to the European Commission that involves making legally binding changes to its search results in Europe. If this agreement is adopted, Google will change its results page by clearly highlighting search results from its own services and including links to rivals.

America, keep rewarding your dissidents

Ever since I became an academic six years ago, I have been one of the biggest critics of U.S. competitiveness policies. I documented, for example, that we had our data wrong when it came to India and China’s advantages in engineering education and R&D, that we didn’t understand how to build innovation centers, and that our assumptions about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship were wrong. I have been particularly vocal about America’s flawed immigration policies. I quantified the amazing contribution that skilled immigrants make in the technology industry and raised the alarm about the reverse brain drain that is in progress. I testified, assertively, to Congress, and have been badgering our political leaders to act on these important issues.


DOJ launches probe into Verizon’s spectrum deal with big cable

Perhaps Verizon was a bit hasty in its decision to stop growing its FiOS TV and broadband Internet business in favor of wireless partnerships with big cable companies. U.S. regulators have launched a probe into Verizon’s recent wireless spectrum agreements,which could leave the largest wireless carrier walking away empty-handed.

Endomondo raises $800K to make cardio training virtually social

Mobile fitness tracking application Endomondo launched additional features geared toward making a social network for cardio training today and announced that it has raised $800,000 in a seed funding round at the CTIA Wireless 2011 conference in Orlando, Fla.

Cosplaying Blizzcon 2010 attendees strut their stuff on stage (video)

Roughly 20,000 people attended World of Warcraft and Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty creator Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon 2010 convention in Anaheim, Calif. A good number of them pulled out all stops to dress up as their favorite Blizzard game characters.

Virtual waterfight wins UK location competition

Location Wild, a week-long competition to create a location-based application from scratch has come to an end in London, England. The winner is a 19-year old Bath University student called Thomas Fletcher, who created a virtual waterfight game called City Warfare, which piggybacks on the hot “check-in service” Foursquare. Fletcher walked away with $2,500 and an iPad.