America, keep rewarding your dissidents

Ever since I became an academic six years ago, I have been one of the biggest critics of U.S. competitiveness policies. I documented, for example, that we had our data wrong when it came to India and China’s advantages in engineering education and R&D, that we didn’t understand how to build innovation centers, and that our assumptions about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship were wrong. I have been particularly vocal about America’s flawed immigration policies. I quantified the amazing contribution that skilled immigrants make in the technology industry and raised the alarm about the reverse brain drain that is in progress. I testified, assertively, to Congress, and have been badgering our political leaders to act on these important issues.

Virtual waterfight wins UK location competition

Location Wild, a week-long competition to create a location-based application from scratch has come to an end in London, England. The winner is a 19-year old Bath University student called Thomas Fletcher, who created a virtual waterfight game called City Warfare, which piggybacks on the hot “check-in service” Foursquare. Fletcher walked away with $2,500 and an iPad.