Why Windows 8 is terrible for desktops

With Windows 8, Microsoft favors tablets, touchscreens, and laptops with modern touchpads. Traditional desktops with a keyboard and mouse, on the other hand, have been left in the dust.

In the post-PC future, businesses will use notebook and tablet hybrids

Many have speculated that we’ve crossed the chasm to the Post-PC era, and that the PC as we know it will be relegated to niche-market status. While it is true that many more smartphones are sold each year than PCs, and that tablets are increasing market share rapidly, I believe business users and many consumers are still not in a post-PC era.

Apple’s Tim Cook has some big shoes to fill

They are the biggest of shoes to fill. Tim Cook is taking over as CEO of Apple. It’s the beginning of a new era in technology, as his predecessor Steve Jobs has been a dominating presence for everything associated with Apple. And Apple has defined some of the biggest changes in the history of technology.

Work hard, play hard: Students get a free Xbox 360 with Windows 7 PCs

Great news for college students (and perhaps not so great news for parents): Microsoft announced today that it will offer a free Xbox 360 with 4 gigabytes of storage (a $199 value) to any student who purchases a Windows 7 computer for $699 or more.

Unsealed lawsuit reveals Dell lied about millions of faulty computers

The past has come back to haunt Dell. Documents unsealed yesterday regarding a three-year-old lawsuit against the company have revealed that Dell knowingly downplayed hardware defects for millions of computers it sold between 2003 and 2005, the New York Times reports.

Is Apple gearing up for an 11.6-inch MacBook Air?

You may want to hold off on picking up a Macbook Air anytime soon. Low supplies of theĀ  computer may be a sign that Apple is aiming to refresh the current 13.3-inch product line soon and potentially introduce a smaller 11.6-inch model in the process, AppleInsider reports.