Facebook and comScore: “This is how to do social marketing”

ComScore released a new study with Facebook today explaining “how social marketing works.” If that sounds to suspicious minds like the fox explaining how to guard the chickens, that’s because it pretty much is. However, the study does contain a huge amount of useful information for social marketers.

Facebook’s mobile risk by the big, bad numbers

Mobile is Facebook’s advertising Achilles’ heel, a fact the social network was not only quick to point out to investors in its first S-1, but also anxious to emphasize in the latest prospectus amendment.

Smartphone, tablet usage spikes during NCAA Tournament

Beginning last Thursday, men (and women) everywhere hit pause on their lives to press play on March Madness, gravitating to mobile screens more than ever before to watch as would-be Cinderellas challenged top-ceded teams in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.


What’s more trustworthy: DoubleClick’s AdPlanner or comScore?

A handful of articles this morning argued against the validity of a recently released DoubleClick AdPlanner report showing Facebook reached a trillion page views in June. Both CNN and TG Daily cite contrary data obtained by digital measurement firm comScore, which claims Facebook only reached 467 billion page views that month.