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Meet the Mexican startup taking on the music industry

One company getting a lot of attention in Mexico City and further afield is taking on the music business, making live concerts by previously unknown bands possible using a modified crowdfunding model. That company is Bandtastic.


For Vivid Live, YouTube gets an Instagram-like tool for the livestream

YouTube is no stranger to live streaming popular events, such the  Coachella Music Festival back in April. But for its upcoming live stream of Australia’s annual Vivid Live music event held at Sydney Opera House, YouTube is showing off a new tool called Frontrow commissioned by the event organizers to help enhance the experience.

Ticket engine SeatGeek launches developer platform, offers 50/50 revenue split (exclusive)

As the world’s biggest ticket search engine, New York based SeatGeek has built the mother lode of data about live events, everything from sports to concerts. Today it’s announcing the launch of a SeatGeek developer platform that will allow anyone to tap into that information and, more importantly, collect affiliate fees for any ticket sales that happen through their website or app.