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3 exciting ways connected car tech will evolve your daily commute

There has been a lot of buzz around the increasing overlap between the automotive and consumer electronics worlds. But perhaps the simplest and most striking way to get a sense of this dynamic is to take a walk around the CES show floor. T


The connected car of tomorrow is being built in Germany today

German auto manufacturers are leading the way in connected cars, with current models able to connect to social media and entertainment apps, serve as wi-fi hotspots, and tell you about your destination’s highlights and weather before you arrive

AT&T connected car

In-car infotainment is dead. Long live the app

For the rich app experience that customers have grown accustom to, auto manufacturers need to change how they think about apps. Native apps that reside on smartphones and interact with on-board systems are the answer to what’s been plaguing in-car infotainment systems since they were introduced to the market.

AT&T connected car

Here’s what connected cars will be doing by 2020

Will the connected cars of 2020 offer night vision, automatic alcohol detection via breath monitors, virtual driving simulations, and advanced lessons (remotely administered) to practice our reaction times when safely parked in the garage?