Consoles that won’t die: The NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System, now nearly 30 years old, is not just a platform for fueling misty-eyed nostalgia. Gamers also embracing a growing homebrew scene that’s resulting in new physical releases for the aging, but far from dead, gray box.

Atari Jaguar console close up

Consoles that won’t die: The Atari Jaguar

Nearly 20 years after its retail demise, the Atari Jaguar is set to host a stunning version of the classic adventure game Out of This World. Original creator Eric Chahi and Jaguar programmer Sebastian Briais discuss this unlikely port.

Consoles that won’t die: The Commodore 64

Time and technology has moved on since 1983, but the Commodore 64 continues to survive as a viable gaming platform, supported by a dedicated homebrew scene that’s combining old school programming skills with a modern-day indie mentality.