Is interactive content a way to rise above content marketing clutter?

The biggest challenge content marketers face is breaking through the cacophony of content flooding the web. As marketers are being told to “think like publishers” , interactive content is significantly expanding what’s possible in content marketing.

unicorn stabbing

Content marketing is not a unicorn

Too often, executives who hear about novel (and cheap) methods of marketing think they’ve found a unicorn: a mythical, wonderful, powerful, and beautiful strategy to solve all their problems, cheaply and effectively.


How to turn content marketing into content ROI

If content marketing has replaced direct contact, how can companies engage with prospects? Put another way, what do 100 likes of an infographic on Facebook, 1,000 views of a video on YouTube or 10,000 downloads of a presentation actually translate to?

Top 5 content marketing tips for techies

Content marketing is all the rage, but implementing it can be intimidating for developers. NewsCred CEO, and former software engineer, Shafqat Islam gives his top tips on content marketing for techies.

Skyword takes off with $6.7M for content marketing

Skyword has announced closing $6.7 million in growth financing for its content marketing solutions. This Boston-based startup provides agencies, brands, media, and retail customers with a platform to publish content and tools to distribute it effectively.