Break our rules? No Google Glass for you.

This week, Google awarded participants of its “ifihadglass” Google Glass contest with an opportunity to get the tech-y eyewear. But today it’s taking back some of those offers after discovering not everyone played by the contest rules. starts movie studio to fund budding filmmakers

Good news, aspiring film auteurs: Online retail giant has announced its plans to start Amazon Studios. The venture, part contest and part investment fund, is inviting filmmakers and scriptwriters to submit their movies and screenplays.

The $200M challenge to achieve energy independence

When the GE Ecomagination Challenge was presented, hundreds of eco-conscious, forward-thinking individuals and groups from all over the world stepped up to answer the question: How can modern grid technologies address global warming and make a significant impact on society? Ranging from using artificial intelligence to improve grid efficiency to a new social network that promotes household energy efficiency, the ideas shared have been both intriguing and interesting.

Power up to the $200M grid

One of the hottest topics in energy independence is power grid technology, which enables consumers to save energy and money by powering homes and buildings in a smart and more efficient way. In fact, grid technologies have the potential to deliver a 10 percent savings on power bills – that equates to $36 billion a year! And the savings for Mother Earth are immeasurable.