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Copyrighting player-generated content in video games

Copyright protects creative expression, which typically the creator owns. Video game players, however, often give up any rights they have to their in-game content when they agree to a Terms of Service or End-User License Agreement.

Matt Brittin

Google chief weighs in on German copyright row

Google’s European chief Matt Brittin has described a new proposed copyright law in Germany as “like putting up a big sign saying ‘we don’t understand the Internet’.”


Judge: Embedding infringing videos doesn’t violate the law

Embedding a video that infringes copyright doesn’t violate the law, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.
With more scrutiny on copyright violators than ever before, it’s important to know where you stand when it comes to things like embedding a questionable video into website or sharing a video with friends on social media.

UK regulators say ISPs must be piracy watchdogs

Add watchdog to the list of duties now on required of U.K. Internet service providers. The nation’s communications regulator, Ofcom, today rolled out a draft code demanding ISPs watch out for piracy, record how many warnings are given suspected offenders, and after three notices, remove violators. The new draft rule is the start of the UK’s Digital Economy Act and a three-strike response.