Can Groupon evolve as fast as the market it created?

Every morning, somewhere between 4 and 6 a.m., my inbox is assaulted by daily deal emails. This morning I fought back, feeling a sense of accomplishment as I deleted my last offer: 50 percent off a Brazilian Wax. Sound familiar? Groupon, the inventor of daily deals, has become one of the fastest growing companies in the history of the world. Much to its chagrin, Groupon seems to have created one of the fastest growing, most competitive industries in the world: 581 daily deal copycats now compete for your inbox.

ChoozOn cuts the coupon clutter with $3.2M

With all the Groupon-like sites out there, the internet is starting to feel like a kitchen drawer: stuffed with coupons and hard to sort through. ChoozOn, an interactive coupon aggregator, didn’t use a coupon code to score its first $3.2 million round of angel funding on Tuesday, but it will help you find (and use) yours.

Location service GroupTabs mixes offers with check-ins to draw in new customers

The biggest promise location-based services offer for merchants is that they are going to bring in the pundits en masse. Location companies and brands have been experimenting with rewarding users with discounts and other special offers (like cutting the price of a coffee for the Foursquare “mayor” of a given coffee shop,). Now a new service called GroupTabs is taking on the challenge of turning check-ins into transactions.