The best and worst in mobile 2010: It’s all about Apple and Android

It’s been a big year for mobile news. Android continued its strong growth in the smartphone market, Apple shook things up with the iPhone 4 and completely rejuvenated the tablet market with the iPad, and former mobile titans like RIM, Palm and Nokia struggled to maintain their relevancy.

Is Microsoft’s one-time star J Allard leaving the company?

J Allard was the design brains behind almost everything cool that came out of Redmond in recent years, from the Xbox to the Zune. Now there’s a report that he may be resigning from the company because one of his favorite new projects, a tablet computer called Courier, got axed.

Tablets 2.0: Microsoft, HP probably building less powerful products

Last Friday, Apple sold its one-millionth iPad. At the same time, Microsoft and HP — two much larger tech companies — both canceled their existing tablet computer projects. Microsoft insiders tipped off Gizmodo. An unnamed but trusted source leaked HP’s plan to TechCrunch.

Microsoft’s Courier tablet project is dead

Microsoft’s dual-screened Courier tablet was one of the more intriguing ideas to come from the company in the past decade, but now it seems the device will never see the light of day. Sources close to the project told Gizmodo that Microsoft executives nixed it on Wednesday.

New pictures and details emerge on Microsoft’s Courier “digital journal”

After catching a glimpse of Microsoft’s intriguing Courier device last fall — a dual screen multitouch and pen-based digital booklet — we’ve heard little about it. Now Engadget is reporting on new Courier pictures and details which bring the device one step closer to reality.