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Coworking space Rainmaking Loft sets up shop in Berlin

Berlin is a hotbed of coworking spaces. Other prominent locations include Betahaus, Mobilesuite, The WYE, and St Oberholz, while startup centre TechHub is set to open early this year.

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Yahoo and Best Buy are wrong: Great work can happen from anywhere

In the age of Skype, Google Docs, Dropbox and oDesk (where I work) these are pretty stunning pronouncements from one of the industry’s most progressive companies, and from Marissa Mayer, one of Silicon Valley’s most closely watched working Moms.

How mobile work is changing the face of business

The emerging “sharing economy” consists of businesses dedicated to changing the very way in which we live. Tools to improve efficiency, lower cost, and encourage collaborative consumption now serve as the driving force of these companies, creating a whole new kind of economy.