Could looming chip supply issues derail the mobile market?

Over the past several years, the semiconductor market has changed from a primarily vertically integrated model (e.g., ownership of design through manufacturing), to one of chip design efforts separated from production fabs (the foundry model). This has allowed many new entrants into the market that no longer needed to raise incredible sums to build and operate their own fabs.

ARM hopes to power 50% of mobile PCs by 2015

Not content just to dominate smartphones, chip maker ARM is expecting chips based on its processor designs to power half of the mobile PC market (which includes tablets, netbooks, and the like) by 2015, PCWorld reports.

No, Apple won’t be dumping Intel chips for ARM, you crazies

Here’s your latest crazy Apple rumor: Sources say that Apple is looking to move towards ARM processors in its laptops, which would replace the Intel chips its been relying on for the past few years, SemiAccurate reports.

Intel chips headed to 35 tablets and ‘premier’ smartphones in 2011

Intel is not to be counted out of the smartphone battle yet, as its chips are headed to 35 tablets (including some already available) and “premier” smartphone vendors in 2011, Reuters reports based on comments from the company’s CEO Paul Otelinni.

Intel snags former Palm and Apple VP Mike Bell for smartphone plans

Palm’s brain drain continues as it loses another executive to a major competitor. Mike Bell, most recently senior vice president for Product Development at Palm, has moved on to a similar role at Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group as Director of Smartphone Product Development, Engadget reports.