3taps sues Craigslist to save the internet (no, seriously)

Data harvester 3taps is countersuing Craigslist to save the internet. Believe it or not, that just might not be an overstatement.
“Craiglist was an innovator at one time,” says 3taps chief executive Greg Kidd. “But time has moved on, and the concept of what the open web is today has evolved.”

grabio logo

Mobile marketplace Grabio aims to be a better Craigslist

With online bulletin-board Craigslist seemingly ignoring mobile entirely, the race is on for someone to offer the first great mobile marketplace. One contender is Grabio, which initially started out as a consumer to consumer marketplace, but is now seeking out local businesses to flesh out its ecosystem.


Vegas startup Rumgr raises $500K for a better, prettier Craigslist app

Startup classifieds service Rumgr has just received funding to be a sort of suped-up Craigslist. It’s a mobile and web location-based marketplace that lets you snap images of your unwanted stuff, browse pictures of other people’s unwanted stuff, sell, trade, barter, and buy to your heart’s content.