Square rolls out sleek new design for credit card readers in NYC taxi cabs

We’ve reported on how Jack Dorsey has been able to fulfill his lifelong love affair with dispatch systems by having credit card readers from his company, Square, installed in the back of 30 NYC taxi cabs. It’s part of a pilot program the city hopes will drive down fees. Today the company showed off its new custom design for NY cabbies: an iPad encased in black metal with a vertical slot for swiping credit cards. You can see it above.

NFC: Under-hyped, ready to over-deliver

Near-field communications, or NFC for short, is on the cusp of making e-commerce look like chump change, and much more quickly than most people think. The naysayers have arrived, and that’s a good thing: it means this disruptive technology is about to take down their business.

Why does NFC matter? Does tap beat swipe for mobile payments?

Editor’s note: This discussion about mobile payments and commerce is one of the five themes we’ll debating at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit, on April 25-26. We’ve carefully invited the top mobile executives to help solve what we think are the biggest challenges in mobile. And for payments, we’ll have the top executives in the sector around the table, including representatives from Verizon, AT&T, Sybase, Boku, Zong, Visa, Square and disruptive credit card company Dynamics. (If you think you should be part of the discussion, you can apply for a ticket. More on the series here.)