Why OpenStreetMap will beat Google and Apple

Often forgotten in the great Google v. Apple Map war of 2012 is another challenger — a platform that is far more suited for the ever-evolving needs of developers and the services they’re building, or one day hope to build: OpenStreetMap.

CrowdFlower raises $7M to crowd-source freelance work

Crowdflower, a firm that specializes in crowd-sourcing freelance workers and making it easy for companies to quickly find freelance programmers and other types of professionals, announced today that it has raised $7 million in its second round of funding led by Harmony Partners.

AudioDraft gives musicians new tools for online, worldwide collaboration

Finland, the country that’s brought not only Nokia but open source endeavors like the Linux operating system and MySQL databases to the world, is now applying the open source philosophy to music production. A fresh Finnish start-up called AudioDraft is building a platform to help musicians write music together even if they’re separated by a physical distance.