Happy birthday, Curiosity

On August 5, 2012, we watched the lil’ guy make its way to the surface of the red planet. Since then, Curiosity has drilled into Martian rock with lasers, scooped up soil samples, found evidence of water, and set up an adorable Twitter account.

Top 15 mobile games of 2012

Here are 15 mobile games released this past year that will thrill, delight, and entertain you for weeks and months to come, chosen from an overwhelmingly large number of mobile gaming apps available in both iOS and Android app stores.

Mars Curiosity Rover to scoop up and analyze shiny Mars material

Shiny objects found on the surface of Mars may, in fact, be native to the planet. Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory team sent commands to the Mars Curiosity Rover today to pick up a bit of the reflective stuff and, if all goes well, perform its first analysis of the landscape since landing.