Batman and Robin: friends forever.

Funding Daily: Batman and Robin edition

Today, the SEC woke up from its long holiday slumber and got busy publishing financial documents again. Our favorite funding from today is from Batman BV, which put $1 million into Robin. We always knew those two were good friends.


Cvent buys Seed Labs to help manage $6B of events in 2012

Cvent, probably the world’s largest cloud-based online registration and event management company, has bought mobile event apps maker Seed Labs for an undisclosed sum in its first-ever corporate acquisition. It’s the latest act in a stunning turn-around for the Virginia-based company, which was left for dead years ago after a high-flying dot-com start.

21 cloud apps

Going all in: How to run a company on 21 apps in the cloud

A lot of companies are debating whether — and what — to move to the cloud. The company I work for, Australia-based Proactive Accountants Network (PAN), made a pretty unusual decision to go all-in on cloud technology and made the leap in a span of 10 weeks, dramatically changing our IT infrastructure. So, for those of you still debating, here’s a look at life on the other side.