Big Brother is watching botnets: White House rolls out initiative to fight viruses

Following a number of large botnet attacks on major corporations last year, the Obama administration announced a voluntary, industry-wide plan to combat botnets based on a set of developed principles by the Industry Botnet Group (IBG) and nine other private groups. The White House also revealed its development of a consumer-education campaign intended to teach the public about computer viruses.

Updated: U.S. defense supplier Lockheed Martin hit by cyber attack

An unknown cyber incident hit Lockheed Martin — the world’s largest aerospace manufacturer and the top supplier to the Pentagon — sometime last week but was successfully neutralized by the company, the defense contractor said.

How many times did Epsilon lose your personal email data?

Epsilon, the largest email marketing company, is reeling from a huge breach of its clients’ personal email data. At least 19 major brands (and as many as 50) have been affected by the cyber attack, where hackers broke into the company’s systems and stole names and email addresses of lots of people.