The wild wild web: top U.S. cyber-cop says we’re losing the war against computer criminals

The outgoing executive assistant director of the F.B.I., Shawn Henry, is not leaving on an optimistic note. “We’re not winning,” the nation’s top cyber-cop told the Wall Street Journal. “I don’t see how we ever come out of this without changes in technology or changes in behavior, because with the status quo, it’s an unsustainable model. Unsustainable in that you never get ahead, never become secure, never have a reasonable expectation of privacy or security.”

There’s a new sheriff in town: Microsoft leads raids on big time botnets

On Friday of last week, U.S Marshalls entered office buildings in Pennsylvania and Illinois that are believed to be home to some of the biggest botnet armies on the web. But the law enforcement was just backup for the real investigators, Microsoft, who had secured a warrant from a federal judge to gather evidence and deactivate servers used by the criminals to infect people’s computers and harvest their personal data.

How many times did Epsilon lose your personal email data?

Epsilon, the largest email marketing company, is reeling from a huge breach of its clients’ personal email data. At least 19 major brands (and as many as 50) have been affected by the cyber attack, where hackers broke into the company’s systems and stole names and email addresses of lots of people.