Rustock spam botnet felled by Microsoft and the feds

Rustock was one of the biggest botnets in the world, producing more e-mail spam than any other network. But early yesterday, it ceased sending spam. Investigators at Microsoft uncovered Rustock’s owners, and law enforcement swooped in to shut it down.

Nasdaq Stock Market’s computers penetrated by hackers

Hackers have penetrated the computer network of the Nasdaq Stock Market during the past year, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. Federal investigators are trying to figure out who did it and why.

Hacked Twitter accounts a delicacy among cybercriminals

News that cybercriminals are seeking out user names and passwords for resale is nothing new — but according to researchers at the anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab (via Computerworld), stolen Twitter accounts are fetching a higher price than other credentials among criminals. One Twitter account with only 320 followers recently sold for $1,000.