Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

NSA mostly collects data on non-target persons — here's why

Over the weekend the Washington Post put out a report detailing what kind of information the National Security Agency stockpiles and from whom. Using Edward Snowden’s cache of NSA data, the Washington Post revealed that nine out of 10 people surveilled were not targets.

6 big cybersecurity predictions for 2013

If there is any weakness in security, you can guarantee the criminals will try to exploit it. And if a cyber criminal discovers a weakness in one community, it won’t be long before that isolated crime turns into a trend. The commercialization of malware is rapidly becoming a well-organized and highly lucrative business.

How secure is the smart grid?

What if a burglar could browse data which reveals which houses in an area are empty, or a cyberattack could create an electricity blackout? What if you unwittingly paid for your neighbour’s electricity, or a hacker could hijack control of your washing machine?

Twitter attacks can’t keep Georgian blogger down

The anti-Russian blogger allegedly at the heart of the last two days’ worth of attacks on Twitter and Facebook is back up on the microblogging service. (His LiveJournal page is still down though.) The blogger, who goes by the handle @cyxymu, blamed the attacks on Russia’s security forces.