Adobe CEO says the Flash debate is over

Judging from the press coverage of Adobe, you’d think that the big issue for the company is the fate of its Flash technology. However, chief executive Shantanu Narayen said today that the debate is over.

Walt Mossberg: Windows 8 is the biggest change to Windows ever

Microsoft executives demonstrated the next version of their operating system today at the D9 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. But Walt Mossberg, the famous Wall Street Journal tech reviewer who interviewed them, had the most dramatic reaction to the product, suggesting that it’s the biggest change to the Windows interface ever.

HP CEO: We will license webOS to others

Hewlett Packard has ambitious plans for the webOS operating system that it acquired with Palm — in fact, president and chief executive Léo Apotheker said today that those plans aren’t limited to HP devices.

Twitter CEO: “We’re a remarkably successful business”

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo today addressed one of the constant questions facing Twitter: Will the company, which famously operated for years without any real revenue, ever turn into a big business?

Netflix CEO’s original content strategy: We’d rather work with HBO

There has been a lot of excitement about Netflix’s decision to air the original Kevin Spacey-starring television series House of Cards, but today co-founder and chief executive Reed Hastings sounded cautious about the company’s future production plans.

Eric Schmidt on Google’s social stumbles: “I screwed up”

Why can’t Google built a social networking product that resonates with consumers? You could speculate about the engineer-driven company’s culture and priorities, but today executive chairman Eric Schmidt offered a simple explanation: “I screwed up.”

How Google won’t become boring (according to Eric Schmidt)

Google’s position as the hottest company on the Web seems to have been usurped by upstarts like Facebook and Twitter, but the company’s executive chairman and former chief executive Eric Schmidt said today that Google is taking steps to make sure it doesn’t become obsolete.