amazonlocal on kindle

Amazon throws Kindle into the daily deal fray

Daily deals are now popping up on the screensavers of the Kindle and Kindle 3G. announced today that, when they aren’t reading, Special Offers customers will receive deals directly on their Kindle screens from AmazonLocal.

Yelp Daily Deal

Yelp disses daily deals on the road to its IPO

Local business review aggregator Yelp is going back to its roots. The company is scaling back its year-old Yelp Deals service, which was designed to compete with daily deal giant Groupon, and focusing its resources on more on user-based reviews.

Stuart Wall

Can Groupon evolve as fast as the market it created?

Every morning, somewhere between 4 and 6 a.m., my inbox is assaulted by daily deal emails. This morning I fought back, feeling a sense of accomplishment as I deleted my last offer: 50 percent off a Brazilian Wax. Sound familiar? Groupon, the inventor of daily deals, has become one of the fastest growing companies in the history of the world. Much to its chagrin, Groupon seems to have created one of the fastest growing, most competitive industries in the world: 581 daily deal copycats now compete for your inbox.


Groupon and Foursquare team up for real-time daily deals action

Location-based check-in service Foursquare and local deals site Groupon are partnering up to offer real-time daily deals, Foursquare confirmed today. Several deals have already gone live in Chicago (like the one pictured above), and deals all over the U.S. and Canada should be live by Sunday.

Google Offers

Google Offers expands to New York and San Francisco

Google Offers, the mega search company’s Groupon competitor, launched in beta last month in Portland, and we knew it was only a matter of time before it started offering daily deals to the rest of the U.S. Today, Google is touting deals to prospective customers in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Swimming in cash: Groupon’s $750M IPO by the numbers

Group-buying site Groupon just filed for an initial public offering and is looking to raise up to $750 million. The company has submitting its S-1 filing to the Securities and Exchange commission.

Zozi lands $7M more for 100% guaranteed adventure deals

Zozi, a company that offers discounts to consumers on unique adventure and travel experiences, today announced it has secured a second round of funding for $7 million. The funding will be used to expand deals into new cities as well as hire additional employees.

Groupon launches instant local deals spinoff Groupon Now

Daily deals juggernaut Groupon has just launched Groupon Now, a spinoff service which looks to break its traditional deal-a-day model and offer real-time deals based simply on the user’s location.

Rob Solomon: Too rich for Groupon?

The No. 2 executive at daily-deals purveyor Groupon, Rob Solomon, has taken advantage of the company’s unlimited-paid-days-off policy — for good.

Is Groupon worth $25B? (Poll)

Daily deals giant Groupon might be in talks with several banks to file for an initial public offering later this year that would value the company at $25 billion, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

The story: 10 tips on when to change your game

Jason Goldberg is founder and CEO of, a private-sales site focused on design. Prior to founding Fab, which began as a gay social network, Jason founded Socialmedian and Jobster. In a prior life, he spent six years working 100 hours a week for Bill Clinton in the White House. This post originally appeared on his personal blog.

Daily deals site 1SaleaDay raises tens of millions

1SaleaDay, a daily deals company that seems to be flying under the tech press’s radar, just announced that it has raised what it calls a “massive capital injection.”

Find friends to go squirrel fishing with, an online service that brings together people looking to meet up at “kooky” events, announced that it is launching today at the Launch conference in San Francisco.

Can Groupon take to the skies with its first airline deal?

From laser waxing to fusion barbecue, it seems there’s nothing Groupon can’t — or won’t — sell. But the email discount offers service could be on to a lucrative new market with its latest discount.

LivingSocial does another deal with

Since VentureBeat first reported that was jumping into the group-buying frenzy with its $175 million investment in LivingSocial, we’ve been wondering how the companies will collaborate. Wonder no more: LivingSocial is offering $20 gift certificates for $10.

If Google buys into coupons, it will still have to build

The New York Post is reporting the unsurprising news that Google is getting over its unrequited love for Groupon by trying to buy a smaller online-coupon business like LivingSocial or BuyWithMe, the No. 2 and 3 companies int he busienss