Guy in a data center

GM unveils its $130M Detroit data center

This is the first of the two data centers expected to serve as the “computing backbone” for the company’s global operations. General Motors hopes to consolidate 23 data centers and three information technology suppliers around the world into two facilities by the year 2015.

A tour inside Silicon Valley’s newest (freezing cold) secret data center

If you pulled the plug on Silicon Valley’s data centers, innovation would grind to a halt. Web services companies, from social game makers to cloud computing startups, depend on computing power leased from independent data centers to host their applications on the internet. So it’s good to know that Equinix, one of the biggest data center hosting companies, just spent $103 million on the first phase of a brand new data center inside a vast warehouse building in San Jose, Calif. The data center will eventually be the host for the computer servers of hundreds of startups.

On the GreenBeat: Wal-Mart turns to First Solar and MiaSolé, Yahoo creates green data center

Yahoo unveiled its new energy-efficient data center in Lockport, New York today. The company’s green data center design uses the cool air from outside the building to chill servers and was built in part with a government grant of $9.9 million. Its design takes inspiration from the long, narrow build of chicken coops that allows cool winds to enter the building. The company says this data center will use 40 percent less energy and 95 percent less water than conventional data centers.