Google takes a swing at Facebook’s “data dead end”

Google executives have said before that they’re not happy with Facebook — specifically, they’re not happy with the social network’s position on sharing data. Today they finally took action.

Facebook news roundup: Groups, downloadable accounts, and more

Facebook unveiled a number of new features this morning in Palo Alto. They weren’t connected in any obvious way, though chief executive Mark Zuckerberg gave them the collective description “Giving users more control”.

Why download your profile? Facebook (sort of) explains

Even though I’ve already blogged about Facebook’s press conference this morning, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the first announcement — a new feature that allows users to download all their Facebook account information. Facebook executives kept emphasizing the idea that normal users, not just computer scientists, will be able to use the feature, which sounds great. But what can normal users actually do with the data?