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How big data has become accessible to everyone

It’s been the narrative of technology since the wheel was invented. Something is new, exciting … and expensive. Then we find a way to mass produce it (or something similar). Processes get better, and equipment gets cheaper. Consumers save big. Then something new comes out.

LinkedIn employees work at the company's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

Why LinkedIn's data science reorg actually makes a lot of sense

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Yes, it’s true that some data scientists have left LinkedIn following a recent reorganization of these highly prized workers inside the company. But a few people holding these roles believe the moves have sped up decision-making, benefited the hiring process, and brought together people who perform similar functions.

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3 reasons your sales team needs data science

Sorry, folks. There’s no longer a place for wishful thinking in sales forecasts. Cloud-based tools that use data science make sense for all kinds of reasons.

The RelateIQ team.

RelateIQ and Salesforce: It’s not just about data science

It won’t be easy to integrate a next-generation platform with Salesforce’s mature infrastructure. But you have to give credit to Salesforce for making a bold move to stay at the forefront of the evolution of enterprise software.

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How Airbnb used data to propel its growth to a $10B valuation

In an interview with Riley Newman, head of data science at Airbnb, we learned a valuable framework in thinking about concrete ways that data science helped prioritize product decisions and power Airbnb’s tremendous growth.

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What Facebook knows about data science may surprise you

“Some people use [data scientist] as a job title, but we have people that range from PhDs in machine learning and natural language processing to web product engineers, and all of them are applying the technique of what I call data science to improving our data set. In the end, what it’s doing is utilizing machine learning and crowdsourcing to build a better, data-driven experience for our users.”