It said it wouldn’t, but it will: Facebook to use your browsing habits for targeted ads

UPDATE (6/13 6:49 AM PST)  A previous version of this story stated that Facebook would “give” advertisers users browsing history directly. This story has been updated to reflect new information that Facebook will use the data to match its partners’ ads with consumers who might be likely to click them. The story has been changed to better reflect this. 

No data, no personalization

Combining personal context with the sensor-driven device information could help a phone anticipate your requirements, surface interesting stuff, and maybe even filter the signal from the noise in your information stream.

Axtria helps businesses analyze their customers with $4.8M

Axtria wants your company to run on data. The company, which creates analytics tools to that end, received $4.8 million in funding today.Today companies turn to data to understand their customer-bases more. They look for insights on how to get more money, what their customers like, and how to design programs around the impulses that make them open their wallets.Axtria builds sales, marketing, and customer management data analytics tools. The tools help companies analyze their current customers to find out how to get more and how to keep the ones they have.The company says it focuses specifically on helping its clients make these decisions based off of data. Using Axtria, a company can identify groups of customers that have “long-term profitability” characteristics, create loyalty programs based on data, and segment their customers by “share of wallet, revenue per customer, lifetime value,” and more.