Google Transparency Report: Government data requests spike

“Government surveillance is on the rise,” Google said after it released its sixth transparency report today. The company releases the bi-annual reports in order to keep governments accountable as Internet companies receive more and more requests to hand over or remove content.


One billion smartphones? Well, yes, it's coming (of course)

In other breathlessly breaking news, Facebook will top two billion users, probably two years from now. Google’s website index will reach a trillion webpages, about two decades from now. And the sun will likely go nova, if we’re still here in a few billion years.


3taps sues Craigslist to save the internet (no, seriously)

Data harvester 3taps is countersuing Craigslist to save the internet. Believe it or not, that just might not be an overstatement.
“Craiglist was an innovator at one time,” says 3taps chief executive Greg Kidd. “But time has moved on, and the concept of what the open web is today has evolved.”


Screw design and get data, says Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger

Who cares about good design or bad design, Ben Huh of the wildly successful Cheezburger network of comedy sites said today at GROW 2012. According to Huh, you don’t need great design to have a successful design. “We have one of the worst-looking sites on the planet,” Huh admitted.


Neil Patel’s 10 tips on using metrics to make money

Neil Patel didn’t start web analytics company KISSmetrics because he loved the product, or the idea, or the customers. Very simply, he wanted to make money, as he told the crowd here at GROW 2012 yesterday. After revealing his motivation, Patel proceeded to reveal the methods behind his madness — the metrics he measures that have driven KISSmetrics to 100 percent year-over-year growth.