Democratizing data science

“We’re democratizing data science,” explains Steve Dodson, CTO Prelert. “With the shortage of data scientists, we’re enabling end users to get these advanced statistical capabilities of anomaly detection in a consumable package.”

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Three ways big data is helping companies make more money

With today’s data, we could cure cancer, save the rain forests, predict epidemics, reverse climate change, improve infant mortality rates, eradicate crime… But mostly, we’re using it to sell stuff.

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Big data, what have you done for me lately?

There is so much talk about big data, and yet it is rare to see in companies that aren’t drowning in cash like Google, a business that can really get to the dream of N=ALL.

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How Airbnb used data to propel its growth to a $10B valuation

In an interview with Riley Newman, head of data science at Airbnb, we learned a valuable framework in thinking about concrete ways that data science helped prioritize product decisions and power Airbnb’s tremendous growth.


75 reasons to come to DataBeat on Monday & Tuesday

VentureBeat’s DataBeat event is coming up on Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco, and we’ve got the strongest lineup of data-focused execs, analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, and data scientists ever assembled in one room.

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Detroit law enforcement's secret weapon: big data analytics

Analyzing data in Datameer has helped the Detroit Crime Commission discover human and crime relationships they weren’t previously able to see when they checked out rows in a spreadsheet.