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7 principles your company should adopt to stay on the right side of the creepy line

LinkedIn recently announced changes to restrict access to its developer application programming interfaces (APIs), stating, “It’s a matter of members’ trust.” The new LinkedIn rules specify that, starting in May, the only actions you can take without being a vetted partner are signing in with LinkedIn and sharing your profile, publishing posts to LinkedIn, and publishing posts to your LinkedIn company page.


Funding Daily: Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday — the next T-day after Thanksgiving that bookends a weekend of spending that follows the one day we’re supposed to give thanks for what we already have.

TweetMeme shutting down October 1

A relic of the long-gone era of third-party apps filling Twitter holes, TweetMeme will be closing its doors on October 1.

Funding Daily: Get graded on your big data intelligence

At VentureBeat, we come across a lot of funding news every day. In order to bring you the most information possible, we’re rounding up the quick-and-dirty details about the funding deals of the day and serving them up here in our “Funding daily” column.

Twitter announces firehose partnership with DataSift

Twitter and social media data company Mediasift today that they’re partnering to sell access to Twitter’s “firehose” of data. Mediasift is only the second company to sign such a deal with Twitter — the other is Gnip.