GamesBeat Weekly Roundup

If you follow VentureBeat but don’t regularly check our GamesBeat site, here’s a list of the best games stories we ran over the last seven days that you may have missed.

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10 great PlayStation Network games under $5

With Apple and Android now dominating the mobile gaming market with their low price model, it is worth noting that there are also some budget priced bargains to be found on the Playstation Network Store. I have been trawling through the store for the past few days, and below you can find my pick of the games that can be grabbed for less than $5. All of these games can be played on PS3 consoles, and some can also be downloaded and played on a Sony PlayStation Portable or a PSPGo, all for the stated price. As you can see, there are some real gems on the list that are definitely worth checking out.

Sony launches free-to-play online world Free Realms on PlayStation 3

Finishing a big conversion effort, Sony Online Entertainment today launched its fantasy-themed Free Realms online game on the PlayStation 3. The title is the first free-to-play massively multiplayer online game launched on any game console, and it means that Sony can now introduce its pay-as-you-go business model to console gamers.