Return of the deals? Seagate buyout talks heat up

Private equity firms TPG Capital and KKR are reportedly in talks to acquire hard-drive manufacturer Seagate, adding further credibility to rumors that cropped up yesterday that Seagate will be going private for the second time in a decade, according to a report by Bloomberg News.

SunRun teams with Virgance to finance solar for consumers

Hard economic times mean fewer consumers will shell out for expensive solar panels. Also hard hit are startups that offer no-money-down programs to lease panels or buy their power but can’t find banks to partner with. So, teaming with SunRun — one of the few outfits that still has a healthy line of financing — is a minor coup for Virgance, a company that plans to sign up thousands of new solar users.

The termite's blessing: ZeaChem finds more support

Poor termites. They’ll have no part in the ZeaChem facilities that may someday pump out millions of gallons of cellulosic ethanol, even though it’s the humble bug’s legacy that allowed it all to happen. Lakewood, Colo.-based ZeaChem has raised $34 million more for its process, the most important step of which uses a microorganism from the termite’s digestive tract to break down wood and similar materials into fuel.