Motion Computing picks up $6M for tablet PCs

Just a day after the long-suffering smartphone and handheld maker Palm picked up a $100 million investment from Elevation Partners, mobile computing startup Motion Computing is announcing a smaller, $6 million investment of its own.

KaloBios tacks on $12M more for engineered antibodies

South San Francisco, Calif.-based KaloBios, a biotech company that raised $20 million just five months ago, has added another $12 million in a second close of its fourth round of venture capital.

Interconnectivity developer Oxford Semiconductor acquired

Oxford Semiconductor, a fabless developer of connectivity devices, has been acquired by PLX Technology, a similar company that specializes in PCI Express, an expansion card standard commercialized by Intel.

Solairedirect raises $26M for French solar power

A Paris company called Solairedirect has raised $26 million (€20 million) for solar power production, including both rooftop and ground installations of solar panels.

More greenhouse gas monitoring — Clear Standards lands first funding

With a carbon cap and trade now a near certainty for the United States, investors are rushing to fund companies that will help create the market. A Sterling, Va. company called Clear Standards is the latest, with a new $4 million for an inventory system corporations can use to track their greenhouse gas emissions.

Raydiance raises $20M for lasers, lasers everywhere

Laser maker Raydiance has picked up $20 million more in its quest to manufacture lasers for everyday commercial use in medicine, manufacturing, energy and other fields.

Banks show confidence in solar — SunRun secures $105M financing

We may be in the depths of a credit crunch, but some banks still seem willing to give loans to renewable energy projects. This morning, solar services firm SunRun is announcing a $105 million commitment by U.S. Bancorp (USB) to buy about 2,000 of the residential projects it installs.

Another Indian solar services firm snags Silicon Valley funding

Azure Power, a Delhi, India company that develops large solar projects both on and off the commercial power grid in its home country, has raised an undisclosed first round of funding from Foundation Capital and Helion Venture Partners.

Qteros readies for near-term cellulosic ethanol production

A technology that might offer some respite to first-generation ethanol makers like Verasun and Pacific Ethanol has received a significant $25 million from backers including oil giant BP and George Soros’s investment fund. The company in question is Qteros, formerly called SunEthanol, a little-known startup placing big bets on a plucky microbe.

EnerG2 aims to improve ultracapacitors for electric cars, industry

EnerG2 Inc., an ultracapacitor startup that has kept quiet until now, is launching today with the official announcement that it has raised $8.5 million in its first round of financing. Founded in 2003, it has spent five years developing electrode materials that it claims can boost the performance of ultracapacitors, devices that are useful in electric cars and smaller electronic devices.

CarbonFlow adds $1M as it approaches software release

Carbon-trading software company CarbonFlow has added a $1 million follow-on to its first round of $2.9 million, which it first announced in July. The extra investment was provided by @Ventures.

Solix Biofuels raises $10.5M for algae pilot plant

A Fort Collins, Colo. company called Solix Biofuels has plans to grow algae in closed bioreactors, harvesting as much as 3,000 gallons of biofuel per acre per year.

Flipswap takes on $14M to buy your junky old cell phone

If you’re anything like the average Silicon Valley entrepreneur, right now you’ve got an iPhone in your pocket and a pile of old Blackberries in a drawer somewhere. But hopefully, with the help of recycling and resale companies like Flipswap, we’ll no longer keep old phones hanging around or worse, throw them in the trash.

PeerApp takes $8M for peer-to-peer traffic policing

PeerApp, an infrastructure company for Internet service providers that helps them deal with peer-to-peer traffic, has raised an $8 million second round of funding less than a year after taking its first.

Planet Metrics tracks down carbon hotspots, at home or abroad

Environmentalists like to point out that a person’s carbon footprint is about more than just the CO2 they emit through daily activities like driving or surfing the Internet. It extends to the goods they own, and even the food they eat. The same holds for most companies, Planet Metrics’ core user group for a new carbon information platform.

Evolution Robotics rolling toward an automated world

Banking on the idea that helper robots will be as ubiquitous in homes and offices as they are today in factories, Evolution Robotics has raised almost $14 million to continue developing both software and hardware for a variety of self-directed machines.

Second Rotation picks up $6M for electronics recycling and resale

Second Rotation is a service company that buys electronics from consumers for resale on eBay, as well as accepting older, valueless items for recycling. The company, which brands its service as Gazelle, has raised $6 million in a second round of funding.

Here are the 2008 California Cleantech Open winners

The California Cleantech Open (CCTO), a yearly competition to identify some of the hottest new startups in green technology, has wrapped up its 2008 session with six winners, each in its own business sector. The six were chosen from 43 finalists, who were in turn drawn from a larger pool.

Xtalic raises $10M for nanocoatings

Xtalic is a Marlborough, Mass. company that makes nano-scale material coatings based off the work of an MIT professor. The company has raised $10 million in a second round of venture funding.

Robeco gets $650M for cleantech fund of funds

Robeco Private Equity, the venture capital division of Robeco, which is in turn owned by Dutch bank Rabobank, has taken $650 million in its second capital raise to date, according to VentureWire.

Sierra Ventures puts $7M in Indian car site CarWale

One of the benefits of funding startups in a developing country is being able to invest in businesses that are already well established in your home territory. That’s what Sierra Ventures has done with $7 million in, an Indian car portal.

SmartSynch picks up Applied Mesh Technologies

SmartSynch, one of a half-dozen smart grid startups that have raised tens of millions of dollars in funding, has acquired a communications company in Atlanta, Georgia called Applied Mesh Technologies.

CaliSolar raises over $100M for planned “dirty” silicon cell factory

There’s a shortage of the pure silicon used to make solar cells, but Sunnyvale, Calif-based CaliSolar doesn’t care. There’s plenty of the less refined stuff — what’s called metallurgical grade silicon — that the company says it can use in its own proprietary cells to generate electricity.

Tesla absorbs another $40M to keep the motor running

Tesla Motors has looked a bit shaky lately, starting with a staff layoff and an ouster of its CEO a little over two weeks ago and following with reports that the company had only $9 million left in the bank. But lead investor and new CEO Elon Musk has come through on his promise to find more funding for the company, picking up $40 million from existing investors.

Impeva Labs takes $10M for transportation tracking

A step beyond RFID trackers, the “global asset visibility services” that Impeva Labs offers are used for close tracking of valuable assets as they’re shipped or deployed around the globe. The company just raised a $10 million second round to expand.

Earth Class Mail raises $5.1M, partners with Swiss Post

For the occasional communications that still get sent via snail mail, startup Earth Class Mail is trying to corner the market for scanning the communications, sending them to users’ email inboxes and recycling the physical copies. The company just raised another $5.1 million in funding, saying it’s on its way to a much larger round, and has started a deal with the Swiss Post to handle that country’s mail.

Kashless scores $5M for cleantech website

Kashless, a company founded by Martin Tobias, the former CEO of large biodiesel company Imperium Renewables, isn’t ready to come out of stealth mode yet. But a few details have emerged on the company, including a $5 million investment found out by peHUB.

NxtGen Emission Controls gets $15M for cleaner diesel

Rather than building an improved diesel engine from scratch like EcoMotors or Achates Power, a Canadian company called NxtGen Emission Controls just wants to clean up the old ones.

Electric car maker Tesla low on cash, but won’t go bust (yet)

News moves quickly these days. Within hours of a rumor circulating that Tesla Motors is running low on cash, company CEO Elon Musk announced via Reuters that the company will close over $20 million in new funding by next week.

CalCEF invests in three cleantech companies

The CalCEF Clean Energy Fund, a small San Francisco boutique investor that is working to raise $20 million for itself, has invested in three seed-stage companies: Allopartis Biotechnologies, HID Laboratories and one unnamed outfit.

Thin film hits the rooftop as First Solar buys into SolarCity

First Solar, the undisputed top dog in the thin-film solar industry, has made a move that could prove revolutionary for the solar market. It has invested in SolarCity, a residential and commercial solar installer in San Francisco.

InenTec gets $150M for waste gasification facility

A Bend, Ore. company called InenTec has just received a $150 million equity commitment toward a gasification plant from Lakeside Energy, which will help prove the concept.