It’s heating up for Tado: $2.6M to fuel European expansion

Tado uses a GPS-enabled smartphone app to monitor when people are leaving home or coming back – it knows to turn off the heating when the house is empty and increase it when the first person starts heading home.

Let's all stay online forever

Funding Daily: Let's stay online

Today was a big day for outages, with both The New York Times and Microsoft suffering downtime. So today’s Funding Daily is all about staying online and making your service available to all.


Is entrepreneurship really alive and well in Silicon Valley?

We’re moving away from the heart of technology innovation — the infrastructure, the machines, the seminal ideas we can touch and feel — to quick fixes that are not setting the stage for the next new thing.


Video robotics company Swivl raises $500K

Swivl is a sort of Roomba for Facetime. It swivels (hence the name) to track a speaker and capture video without the need for a dedicated cameraman. It’s especially useful in modern, video-enabled classrooms for online education.

Funding Daily: Silicon Valley Is Burning

We saw huge deal volume today on the Peninsula; the numbers these companies posted were pretty sickening, too. No tea, no shade, but if the New York/Austin/L.A./Boulder scenes want to keep up, they. Bettah. Werk.

Funding Daily: Let’s start the show

Seems like every hopped-up investor and his mom threw money at some startup or other — but don’t worry, we had our police scanner set to “stun” and caught all the action for you.