Home energy guru Control4 teams with Silver Spring to make smart grid sexy

While energy efficiency companies are making good inroads with enterprise customers, getting consumers to engage with energy-saving devices has been an ongoing struggle within the smart grid industry. Part of the issue is the struggle to figure out designs and setups that actually engage consumers; the other is getting utilities to sign on.

Use less power at peak, and pay less? Everyone’s jumping in

For the past century, buying electricity from your utility hasn’t changed much. If you pay a monthly bill, and you really don’t care what time of day you use your power. Whether it’s night or day, who cares?  It costs about the same.

Why your office could soon be smarter than your home

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Constellation Energy to acquire demand response provider CPower

Baltimore energy supplier Constellation Energy announced today it plans to acquire CPower, a demand response company that helps businesses manage peak-time energy use and offers them financial incentives to cut power consumption.

TXU teams with Comverge to smarten up 100,000 thermostats in Texas

Comverge, one of several companies offering utilities third-party demand response and energy efficiency services, announced today that it has signed a $30 million deal with major Texas utility TXU Energy to roll out about 100,000 smart thermostats across its coverage area.

Massachusetts picks EnerNOC to crack down on energy use

EnerNOC has carved out a name for itself as a demand-response firm, coordinating energy reductions during peak periods to prevent grid overloads — but today it’s expanding into a new role, tracking how much energy state-owned facilities in Massachusetts use, in order to buoy conservation efforts.

EnerNOC brings demand-response to small businesses with SmallFoot buy

EnerNOC, one of the best-known demand-response companies in the field, has been gobbling up competing and complementary companies to expand its reach, hoping to bring down the costs of its programs enough to cater to smaller businesses. Now it has acquired Boulder, Colo.-based SmallFoot to do just that.