Demo: EmmaActive adds a shopping option to any image online

EmmaActive is helping brands make money from images. The technology uses crowd sourcing to tag products in images on participating websites and then get more information on the products from retailers’ websites. The goal is to get consumers buying the things they see on friends’ blogs, social networks, TV and movie websites and other sites you wouldn’t typically associate with shopping.

Scholarship pig

DEMO: Scholarship deadline approaches, tiered pricing available

Today, technology startups are going to market without a venture dime to their name. The DEMO Conference understands that a lot of great startups are bootstrapped, which is why we introduced the DEMO Scholarship Partner Program. Twenty startups that have raised less than $500,000 will receive a full ride to the same conference that launched Salesforce, TiVo, E-Trade, Netscape and more. Furthermore, 10 angel-funded companies that have received less than $1.5 million in seed funding will be offered partial scholarships.

DEMO: HBMG launches a network in a tiny box

HBMG is one of 53 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2011 event taking place this week in Palm Desert, Calif. After our selection, the companies pay a fee to present. Our coverage of them remains objective.