FreshTag video chats start with a hashtag but they don’t end with privacy

Video chatting company FreshTag is sick of having to invite you to things. Can’t you just anticipate what FreshTag wants and do it before it asks? Gosh, be a better user. That is, when it comes to video chats. The company set up a way to video chat without usernames or friend-invites, though it may not be the most private way to meet face-to-face online.

Great deal for startups looking to come to DEMO Fall

If you’re an early-stage entrepreneur looking for a little inspiration, networking, or just wanting to see the coolest new technology product launches from around the world in one place, then here’s your chance to get to DEMO Fall on the cheap.

Come meet with Accel Partners – get feedback from one of the best VC firms in the world

Just a reminder that Accel Partners will be hosting a day of meetings at their offices in Palo Alto next week, and it’s not too late to grab a spot there.  If you’d like to swing by and show off your new tech company or product, let us know here, and we’ll get in touch shortly with more details.  We’re going to keep that application page open until the end of the day on Wednesday, at which point we’ll select the top ten companies, and give them a chance to present in front of a few Accel partners and myself (I’m with VentureBeat and DEMO) next Tuesday, July 24.

Accel Partners hosts next leg of DEMO tour on July 24

VentureBeat has already been everywhere from New York to Korea, but next on our DEMO world tour, we’ll be meeting companies in our own backyard with Accel Partners in Palo Alto, Calif. If you’re working on the next big tech company in the Bay Area, let us know, and we’ll bring you out to Accel’s office to show off your idea on Tuesday, July 24.

The 4th is coming up fast – get your DEMO applications in now

The 4th of July is coming up fast (next Wednesday), which means the July 6th deadline to apply for a DEMO scholarship is also coming up fast (next Friday). This is your official warning to stop putting it off and make sure you fill out your application before your summer plans get in the way.

Can these four Korean startups make a splash internationally?

South Korea is in the midst of revitalizing its startup community. It is moving away from a stigma of failure and encouraging more youngsters to forgo the traditional notion of school in exchange for entrepreneurship. Indeed, many in Korea believe the only path is to finish your degree and then work for one of the country’s powerhouses: Samsung, LG, or Hyundai.

Want a free ride to DEMO Fall 2012?

Just off the heels of one of the biggest DEMO conferences in the event’s 20 year history, we’re starting to gear up for the next one. We already hit New York in the first stop of our DEMO tour, and will have details shortly on more events coming up around the world.  If you’re working on the next big tech product, and will be ready to show it off on the DEMO stage in October, we want to hear from you.

NY Companies: Get feedback from VentureBeat and RRE in May

After enjoying all of the great companies and speakers on stage at DEMO Spring, we’re already gearing up for the next DEMO event. DEMO Fall is six months away, and we’re not going to waste any time before we start hunting down the best companies for it, which is why we’re heading to New York in two weeks to host a day of presentations with RRE Ventures.

The best deal? LykeBox aggregates all the companies you follow through social media

We’ve all shared the experience of awkwardly refusing to give out an email address when the cashier finalizes your purchase, even if you actually like the store. The same is pretty much true for daily deals and online bargain shopping newsletters. Either that, or you create a dummy email account to filter all that mess from hitting your “quality” email inbox.

Search and browse simultaneously with Slikk

What if your search engine doubled as a web browser? Would you flit about the web and quench your queries in record speed? That’s the theory startup Slikk is testing with a two-for-one search engine that includes embedded browsing features.