DEMO: ShowUhow's video guides promise to reduce product returns

In 2007, $13.8 billion worth of products sold in the United States were returned. According to Accenture, 68 percent of these products were returned because they were not meeting customer expectations or were simply too confusing to use. ShowUhow, a startup presenting at DEMO, has developed a solution for the latter problem and has guaranteed to retailers and manufacturers that its service will decrease product returns and increase sales conversions.

DEMO: Guardly alerts your "safety network" in emergencies

A middle-aged man walking down the stairs in his apartment has a heart-attack. Alone and gasping for air, he pulls out his mobile phone and with one button is able to notify friends and family in a predefined “safety network” to receive help. This is the vision of Guardly, a startup launching at DEMO that wants to decrease the amount of time it takes for responders to arrive at an emergency.

Watch DEMO Spring 2011 now (live feed)

Missing the action in Palm Desert, Calif., where the best startups and smartest companies out there are presenting their products? One way to listen in is on Twitter, where I’m providing real-time commentary on the #democon hashtag. But you can also watch the show as it happens on a live feed provided by our partner, It’s not the same as being in the thick of things and getting the full social experience. But it will give you an eye on the world of DEMO. Here’s what’s happening now: