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Department of Energy may sell Fisker Automotive

The fate of Fisker Automotive has been hanging for months, but now an offer for the company has been “signed” and is “on the table.”

Energy Dept. ponies up $120M more for building energy efficiency

The U.S. Department of Energy announced today that it has earmarked $120 million to be divided among about 120 organizations working to weatherize buildings for greater energy efficiency. The grant money will be distributed under the banner of its Weatherization Assistance Program, which has already retrofitted thousands of homes across the country.

People Power releases SDK for wireless home energy sensors

Serial entrepreneur Gene Wang started People Power, a maker wireless network devices that monitor energy consumption, because he knows how much energy is wasted by the average household. Thermostats are not set properly, TVs draw power even when they’re off and sprinkler systems operate oblivious to weather patterns.

Feds inject $168M into solar, boon for start-ups

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $168 million to 13 solar companies, many of them Silicon Valley start-ups, in what is the equivalent of manna falling from heaven for these companies.