real time app

What is this real-time web you speak of?

Developers have a lot of choices when it comes to real-time data.  It’s smart to investigate your options to find the right fit for your next app.

Why developers are like artists

A few weeks ago my team at MuleSoft created a video describing what it’s like to be a developer at the company, and I noted in the video how developers are like artists. In response, I received numerous questions and comments about it being an interesting metaphor and requests to elaborate on the concept.

Dell's Barton George (left) speaking with a developer at a recent conference

An idiot’s guide to DevOps

“DevOps” is one of those buzzwords that nearly everyone in the tech industry feigns to understand. Few people really do. I’ve always thought it sounds like a codename for some kind of covert NSA mission.

Google plays ice hockey, apparently.

BlackBerry refugees, Google/Motorola is hiring in your hometown

Just days after BlackBerry announced a $1 billion loss, 4,500 layoffs, a buy-out offer, and a canceled earnings call, Google announced that it would be opening a new engineering office in Waterloo for its subsidiary Motorola — about 10 minutes away from BlackBerry’s head office.


Evaluating software development is measuring the invisible

We made number of attempts made on elaborate metrics to measure how healthy the teams and clients. No surprise, all story point-based approaches failed miserably, being not able to identify problematic projects.


Why I believe in Adobe and the web (op-ed)

Everybody benefits from flourishing open web standards. I am happy Adobe is continuing to embrace that approach, for its contributions to the web and for its Edge tools and services.

iOS 7

The new iOS 7 features you haven't heard about

We used to commission the world’s best artists to paint our chapels and ceremonial halls, we now commission the world’s best digital artists to create software.

Facebook doesn't like the term 'users'

This Facebook intern is 'pissed off for greatness'

Forget “Ning for dogs” and private-jet apps. We’re compassionate problem-solvers, obsessive solution-seekers, and we’re pretty damn pissed off for greatness.