open source

Open-source code: by the people, for the people

Open source ideals are already spreading in governments throughout the world, with good reason. A global network of developers is motivated to help.

bright launch job search

The developer’s guide to interviewing

Know the stack. Know the algorithms. Talk it out. Dirty up that whiteboard. Then shake hands and walk out the door with confidence; you nailed it. And don’t forget your jacket.

The new eastern span of the Bay Bridge, as a future dawn breaks gloriously over Oakland.

Rebooting the Bay Bridge: A classic rewrite story

The ground-up software rewrite is the bane of many organizations. Fortunately, we have the ultimate real-life example of a rewrite in action right here in San Francisco: the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.


Apple responds to developer site hacker, sort of

Apple’s developer site is still down following a very public hacking attack by Ibrahim Balic last week, in which he downloaded over 100,000 developers’ private contact information. But Balic finally has what he wanted all along: recognition from Apple of his efforts.