eCommerce: 16,000 interviews in 16 countries show developing nations are more digital than us

Secure in our digital enclaves with high-speed WIFI powering smart TVs, smartphones, smart appliances, and even smart toilets, we tend to think we’re pretty technologically sophisticated in the Western world. Which just goes to show how easily we are being leapfrogged by “developing” nations that have gone mobile and digital faster, in some ways, than the U.S.

Mobile trade organization GSMA aims to bring cellphones to 150M women in the developing world

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton just launched the GSMA’s ambitious, new campaign to bring mobile access to 150 million women in low and middle-income countries within the next 3 years. The GSMA is the trade organization for the world’s mobile carriers and 20 carriers operating in 115 developing markets, including AT&T and Vodafone, have signed up for the campaign. Nokia has also committed to the program.