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Top 10 apps of 2013 for entrepreneurs

Here are 10 apps from 2013 that have helped lighten the load of the business minded and allowed them to focus on what really matters, the creation.


How to make a viral video

People share for two major reasons: “a) they altruistically want to share the enjoyment of that video with others or b) they selfishly want to be seen sharing or critiquing that video.”

Digg to be reborn on August 1

Digg is dead. But keep an eye out on that grave, because new owner Betaworks plans to resuscitate the once famed social news site. The company will unveil its surgically remastered machination on August, 1, less than two weeks from today.

Facebook resuscitates Digg, traffic up 35%

Think Digg is deader than a doornail? Think again. The news aggregation site is showing new signs of life and has Facebook to thank for its recent resuscitation.

New Digg CEO apologizes to site’s fans

Some six weeks after he was hired to be the new chief executive of news aggregator, Matt Williams greeted community members for the first time today, apologized for  the site’s botched attempt at a redesign, and announced officially that several old features would be returning.

Sad news hits the airwaves: Layoffs at NPR

It’s a sad day. We saw Yahoo! go through its second mass layoff in under a year. And now it’s being reported that National Public Radio — of which shows including All Things Considered, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and Car Talk have attracted a wide audience via iTunes — has eliminated 7 percent of its workforce, or 64 positions, and canceled two shows, News & Notes and Day to Day, in what is the organization’s first major layoff in more than 25 years, The Washington Post reports.

Digg revamps profiles — introduces feeds, copies Facebook

Digg, the popular news-ranking site that is trying to extend its popular beyond its young geek-oriented audience, has significantly revamped its user profile section. The changes are aimed to give the service much more of a community feel, letting you share Digg stories with friends, and giving more profile to your most recent activity and favorite articles.